Ever wanted your Tyrannosaurus Rex to be faster than a Velociraptor? Would you like to increase the health of that creature with a Swap in Ability? Well now you can, thanks to Stat Boosts!

- Stat Boost Points are a consumable item used to increase a creature’s specific stat skill (Attack, Health and Speed)
- Starting at Player Level 10, you can use Attack, Health and Speed Boosts in order to augment your creatures' attributes.
- Stat Boost Tiers go from 0 (no Stat Boosts) to 20 (maximum Tier Boost).
- Stat Boost Tiers are capped based on their Creature Level with the maximum amount of Tiers that can be applied being 30 in total (for example if you upgrade your Level 30 Tyrannosaurus to Tier 20 Attack, you would only be able to apply 10 more Tiers spread across either your Health or Speed stats)
- It costs 100 Stat Boost Points to upgrade from one Tier to the next.
- You can refund and reverse a Stat Boost Tier upgrade at the cost of only getting half of your applied Stat Boost points back
- Attack and Health values can increase by up to +50%. Speed can increase by up to +40 points.
- The Character Sheet has been modified to allow users to modify their attributes upfront rather than having to scroll down.
- The Roster now supports Sorting, which lets you sort your creatures using the default view, based on attributes, as well as based on (localized) names!
- During a battle, when a creature has one or more Boosted Stats, its tooltip includes the modified attribute with specific color treatment.
- During a battle, when a creature that has one or more Boosted Stats is deployed, a specific icon is shown along with its name during the deploy sequence.


- Once you have unlocked access to the feature at Player Level 10:
- From the Roster screen, tap the creature that you want to boost.
- Tap the Attack, Health or Speed icon to open the Stat Boost interface.
- Spend the required Boost resource to increase the creature's attribute.
- When in the Stat Boost interface, tap the “i” button in order to get more information about the whole upgrade process.


- Live Operation Events and Daily Battle Incubators provide Stat Boosts.
- Daily and Weekly Store offers will be made available for users that want to accelerate the collection process


Version 1.10 has overhauled the Stat Boost mechanic and made some major changes. Please find them outlined below:


- The maximum amount of Tiers per Stat will increase to 20, with a maximum of +50% HP, +50% Damage and +40 Speed. This means:
- +2.5% HP per Tier
- +2.5% Attack per Tier
- +2 Speed per Tier

The Stat Boost “power and cost table” will become linear: each Tier gives the same bonus as the previous Tier for the same price. For example, going from Tier 0 to Tier 1 nets the same amount of extra Health as going from Tier 5 to Tier 6


The goal is that each end-game player should be able to gain enough Stat Boost Points to boost one creature’s stat per week, whether that’s for the 10th Tier or for the first one. Players who want to spend extra time interacting with all facets of the game for extended periods of time will be able to apply more than one boost per week for free.
Note, you can apply boosts as easily as before (roughly once per second).


Such a set of changes in Stat Boost Power will require us to implement another global Stat Boost reset. This reset will be done at the time of version 1.10’s release with the old costs; so players who stockpiled boosts before then will end up with the same amount as players who spent their boosts (assuming they earned the same amount of boosts).


Stat Boost purchases are here to stay.


- Stat Boosts have a limit (or ceiling) based on their creature level. This should encourage players to level up their creatures rather than unlocking them and then spending boosts on them instead of leveling them up.
Having a level-based Stat Boost cap means that it would no longer be possible to have a Tier 10-10-10 Thoradolosaur while that creature is at level 21. The player must choose between a balanced approach (such as 7 Damage, 7 HP and 7 Speed) or choose to focus them in one place at the cost of being less powerful in other aspects (such as 7 Damage, 5 Health, 9 Speed).
- We hope that on the way to the end-game, such a ceiling encourages player creativity and new builds for each creature. Because the number of Tiers increased to 20, “maxing out” a creature’s Speed means that you are necessarily giving up some HP and/or Damage, even if your creature is level 30.


We will implement a system to “refund” Stat Boosts, one Tier at a time so you can reinvest (at a trade cost) your hard-earned boosts. The cost of having a Tier being refunded is that you are awarded half of the cost of the Tier that you just rolled back. For instance, if reaching Tier 10 cost you 100 Stat Boost Points, rolling it back to Tier 9 would award you with 50 Stat Boost Points.