Now that you can modify your creature's strength, it becomes imperative that we consider each player's creature team when attempting to match users together.

We now consider both the player's trophies (or medals, in the case of tournaments) and the player's Strike teams in order to generate a "matchmaking score". This score lets us match similar players together with more fairness.

Please be aware that this means that if you use a creature of much higher power than the rest of your team in order to help you, (such as a level 21 unique among a team of level 13 epics), you will be matched according to your team, even if you don't actually play with said higher power creature in the battle.

This means that starting with update 1.7 and above, it is more favorable (for everyone) to create balanced teams rather than to have wildly varying creature power. Therefore, we recommend that you level up your strike team in a uniform fashion; and to do the same with your Stat Boosts.

Note: at 5000 trophies and above, creature strength starts to lose influence over the matchmaking algorithm. At 5500 trophies and above, creature strength no longer plays any role in adjusting the matchmaking.

Matchmaking: Opt-In AI Tweaks

We have rebalanced the parameters for the Opt-In AI. Now players above 4500 trophies can enter a battle and, if unmatched after 30 seconds of waiting, will have the option to play against an AI. Winning this battle will award the player everything they would usually receive from a PVP battle, except that trophies remain unchanged.