Monthly Seasons
All Seasons will start on the first Monday of each month, with the exception of holidays, at which point the Season will commence on the first non-holiday day of the week.
Prizes and Scoring

Prizes will be based on the highest score that you have achieved during the Season, rather than your end of Season current score. All players that have participated and have posted a high score of 2500 or higher on the leaderboard will receive a prize at the end of each season. Do your best to get a good high score!

Note that the regular Battle Incubators are still associated with your current Arena, so if your current score demotes your Arena to a lower one, each Battle Incubator that you gain will belong to that (lower) Arena.
League Arenas
- Training Grounds (0-59 Trophies)
- Fallen Kingdom (60-499 Trophies)
- Mt. Sibo (500-999 Trophies)
- S.S. Arcadia (1000-1499 Trophies)
- Nublar Jungle (1500-1999 Trophies)
- Badlands (2000-2499 Trophies)
- Lockdown (2500-2999 Trophies) 
- Sorna Marshes (3000-3499 Trophies)
- Jurassic Ruins (3500-3999 Trophies)
- Lockwood Estate (4000-4499 Trophies)
- Aviary (4500-4999 Trophies)
- Lockwood Library (5000-5499 Trophies)
- Gyrosphere Depot (5500-5999 Trophies)
- Nublar Shores (6000+ Trophies)