Tournaments are short weekend events that will occur on a variable schedule, as determined by our Live Operations team. While Tournaments are available, you can keep playing the standard PvP Battle (and indeed participate in an ongoing Season, if it is active) or you can choose to opt in to join the Tournaments. Tournaments are accessed through the Tournament button available in the Battle menu.

Seasons and Tournaments Occur in Parallel: 

  • You do not add your Tournament takedowns to the Daily Battle Incubator's progress.
  • You do not win the Battle Incubators that are usually associated with the regular PvP Battles while playing in the Tournament.

Tournament Restrictions: 

  • While playing in the Tournaments, a few restrictions may apply. When your Strike Team matches any and all requirements, then you may participate in the Tournament. Creatures that don't fit with the restrictions are automatically filtered out. The rest are left to be picked and placed in the Tournament Team.
  • After version 1.13, Tournaments only become available to new players after they've reached Arena 05 (Badlands). Players that have played in version 1.12 and before can still enter Tournaments. If a player drops below Arena 05 after unlocking Tournaments, they are still available to enter.

Other Tournament Rules: 

  • Medals are distinct from the regular PvP Battle Trophies.
  • After version 1.13, players will start with a base amount of "Entry Medals" that are determined based on players' current Arena placement.
  • Win Tournament battles to gain additional Medals. 
  • Prizes are awarded based on a player's Medal Highscore at the end of the event. 
  • After version 1.13, surpassing your Tournament Medal Highscore will also reward you with Alliance Points which determine your final reward at the end of an Alliance Championship
  • Please note that if a Tournament battle is completed after the Tournament officially ended (typically 14:00 UTC on the Monday), the Medal Highscore from before the Battle is registered instead.