Players can communicate using in-game emotes featuring Mr. DNA and more! To use emotes during battles, tap on the "..." button on the bottom left to view which emotes you have available, then choose one to communicate with the other player. Emotes can be used to praise opponents, taunt opponents, and more. 

Some pre-selected short sentences can also be used during battles. These sentences are automatically translated to your opponent’s language so that they can understand you.

Collecting Emotes and Modifying My Deck 

If you have more than eight emotes, tap on the "Collection" button and then the "..." button to access your list. From here, you can see how many you have collected and choose the eight emotes you want to use for battles in the "My Deck" section. To obtain more emotes, you can earn them from event rewards, opening incubators, or purchasing them in the Market. 

Muting Emotes

If you do not want to use or see emotes during battles, they can be muted. To do this. tap on the red do not symbol button, or the green checkmark button if you want to unmute again. The mute persists from battle to battle, so if you change your mind you'll have to manually change the setting. Note that muting the opponent will also prevent you from using emotes and messages yourself.