Earn rewards while working together with your fellow Alliance members to complete tasks. 
Alliance missions appear under the "Alliance" tab in the DPG menu, accessible via the DPG button in the top right-hand corner of your screen (with the dinosaur icon). 

There are two mission specializations your Alliance can focus on, with ten total missions available at a time. Exploration missions focus your Alliance on DNA and resource collection goals. Defense missions focus your Alliance on Battle goals. Complete all 5 missions in either of the specialization categories to increase your weekly Rank and improve the Incubator reward each Alliance member can collect at the end of the week.

 Each time your Alliance completes a mission, every Alliance member can collect the mission reward. Completed missions show the game name of their Top Contributor.

Your Rank will be reset each week and you’ll have the opportunity to complete new missions and collect rewards again. Remember to use your Alliance Chat to communicate with other members of your Alliance about your goals! 
Please note that if you quit your Alliance before claiming your Alliance Mission reward incubators, they will no longer be available to collect.