You can request DNA donations from your Alliance members to help evolve and fuse your creatures! 

To request DNA, head to your “My Alliance” tab, then tap on the green “Request” icon in the left corner. From here you can select which creature you want to request DNA for.
Only Common and Rare creature DNA can be requested, except during Epic DNA Sundays. You can also only request DNA for Creatures you have already unlocked. The amount of DNA you can request changes with the creature rarity and your Level.

Alliance members can then donate a set amount of DNA to add to your creature. You’re able to make multiple donation requests but there is a short period of time you’ll have to wait in-between Donation requests.

To see which members donated and for how much, tap on the “i” button shown in the corner of the banner that appears for the DNA request.

Once your request is complete or has timed out you can collect it. Tap the “i” button in the top of the panel for a list of who donated to you and how much they gave.