Sanctuaries are public buildings on the Map. Anyone who walks around can place a creature within them and care for any creature inside. In Sanctuaries, you can also care for other players’ creatures as if they were your own, and collect their DNA!

Even though you can care for any creature in the Sanctuary, each creature still has an owner. You can see the name of the owner of each creature in Caring view. Once inside the Enclosure, tap a creature card to enter Caring view. The name of the owner is displayed briefly at the top. When the creature’s time in the Sanctuary is up, it will return to its owner. Be sure to care for other players’ creatures while you can to collect the DNA rewards you want!

Caring for creatures doesn’t just award you DNA. It also awards Sanctuary points. Collect enough points as a group to level up the Sanctuary and increase your rewards as much as possible before the Sanctuary resets and you have to start again.