Jurassic World Alive connects to the location services on your device. If you are receiving a “Network Error” message, or “Disconnected From GPS” message, it’s likely that you have a bad network signal. Please make sure you are in an area where your device's network signal is strong. 

Though we generally recommend keeping Location Services on at all times, there has been some success rates if you are experiencing GPS location issues and then disable Location Services from your device. If disabling Location Services does not resolve your GPS issue, then we recommend leaving it enabled.

Please also ensure that your device has allowed Jurassic World Alive Location Access. Do so by going to your device's Settings > Apps > Jurassic World Alive > Permissions > and ensure Location access for Jurassic World Alive is turned on.

Many Android devices also offer low, average, high accuracy, "Battery Saving" or "Device Only" options in the Location Services Settings. If experiencing GPS issues and the above did not help, we recommend experimenting with these different options to see which option works best in resolving any GPS location issues experienced with your device when playing Jurassic World Alive.

If your Android device has a Battery Saver mode, please ensure it is not turned on while you play. Turning on Battery Saver mode will limit your Location Services, which could cause your GPS to disconnect.

Finally, please ensure that your device is not on airplane mode while playing Jurassic World Alive.