Once your subscription transaction is finalized in Jurassic World Alive, you will be met with an in-game pop up which will lead to your one-time VIP Epic Incubator.
If you purchased a subscription in Jurassic World Alive but did not receive a pop up, or the VIP Epic Incubator, you may have experienced a server issue. This issue is mainly visual, which means you still receive VIP benefits, including the VIP Epic Incubator. However, the issue will cause you to be unable to see the Epic Incubator being received, or the VIP status being added to your game.
To correct the issue, simply close and relaunch Jurassic World Alive! Relaunching your game will allow the server to reconnect, which will produce the VIP visuals you may have been missing. Please note that if this issue happens, you will get the contents of the VIP Epic incubator added to your game automatically.
If you are still experiencing issues with your subscription, please contact our Support team.