Open the Draft Box and find the ultimate loot! Draft boxes will appear in your list of available Drafts for a limited time.

In comparison to the regular Drafts, you can win different resources next to top Dragons.

See which items are available in the current box along with their odds. The fewer items will be left in the box, the higher the odds of obtaining the top loot.

Below each item, it is indicated how much of this item is in stock. "x 2" means there are 2 copies of this item available. If you win one, there will be only 1 left in the next Draft, and eventually this item will be out of stock (x 0).

In exchange for Runes, the box is being shuffled and the item you win is highlighted. If you land on an item that has a "free" tag on it, you will receive that reward and you are able to shuffle the box a second time.